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BareED has seen first the light of the day back in 1996.
Although BareED's predecessor was written as a new console handler, it never made it. Instead, the environment used to test this console handler was enhanced and ended up in BareED!
Since that time I spent many hours to improve BareED and to reach a better functionality.

Why the name BareED?

A lot of people seem to be confused about the name I chose in order to give this text editor a name.
Back in 1996 when I began writing this text editor, it had so many limitations that "bare" was the right "word".

Even when MorphOS was introduced, BareED's name was something which could tell this community that this editor wouldn't use high level functions that other text editors normally use - and therefore it was useable, except that MorphOS didn't allow BareED to save icon images to disk.

Although I don't jump into any conversation about text editors, did I read carefully all statements about BareED, and thus I know that in the early days of MorphOS BareED was used by several people.
Today, you can use any text editor you like.

What's the status of BareED?

Actually BareED runs very, very stable! Thanks to StAn! The complete DAC port and related things have been (once more) rewritten, and now there is no error left, which means that BareED doesn't need to be the task (process) with the higher priority.
The ColorChooser is ready (thanks to SixK!). Dead locks due to the use of the DAC port of BareED are vanished. The catalogue related files have been updated, like the guide, too.
Function keys can now be used to insert texts, and the text highlighting application (a plug-in) for C/C++ has left beta stage.
The status line is customize able and the context menu extents BareED's functionality.

What are the plans for BareED?

BareED should be made as stable as possible. Then, I want to improve the DAC port of BareED - in order to give other authors the chance to write plug-ins for BareED.
After that is realized, I want to add the requested stuff. When this is all done, I want to implement Unicode text support using the well known TTEngine.
After that is all done and AROS is in such as state that files can be saved to disk I will port BareED to AROS. AmigaOS4 and MorphOS related ports cannot be done by me because I don't own any PPC hardware.

Who are the persons behind BareED?

It's just me... but I get / got additional help from:

  • Marc Berson (my computer buddy - made the very first (painful) tests with BareED)
  • Christian Davies (who made it possible to test BareED on a Draco computer - with the benefit that BareED runs on any graphic device)
  • Jerome Chesnot (bug- and incompatibility reports, moral support, lots of good suggestions :-)
  • Gunther Nikl (startup-code, DOS locking technique)
  • SixK (MorphOS fixes, MySQL & PHP plug-ins)
  • Matthew Gundry (bug hunting, helpful advices)
  • StAn (crash analysing, bug hunting, incompatibility reports, improvements, almost co-author ;-)
  • ShInKurO (bug hunting, incompatibility reports, improvements)
  • Dr. Lyndon Hill (Thai (TIS-620) support; additional Thai input checking source code; minor but nevertheless handy improvements)

Since I'm the only person who publishes improved versions of BareED it takes much patience by those users who want to use BareED in order to edit their text files because I am the most lazy programmer in the world...

Actually, the developer material isn't ready. Will be completed somewhat sooner or later.

Last update:  Oct-15-2006