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Quick start: BareED

The first thing you have to do is to unpack the main archive: "BareED_usr.lha"

If you have unpacked this archive, you are already able to run BareED - since BareED doesn't require any assignment (Assign).

You are able to drag BareED's drawer via the Workbench's mechanism to any place on your hard disk.
For example Tools on your Work partition could be such a place.

Once there, you may call BareED directly, e.g. double click on the program icon.
But that isn't the recommended method.

BareED utilizes the very old Amiga technique where projects are represented through analogous project icons.
You have to do some rethinking in case you want to use BareED, i.e. BareED doesn't touch the ENV-archive in order to obtain information, which in my humble opinion should be left to system services, which, in contrast to normal programs, may access several times in a few minutes this archive.

Once you have BareED running, you can save to disk Default-Projects, i.e. you choose for a special purpose the colours, font, window-dimension and so on and save this empty project (no characters may be displayed in the editor at this time). A requester pops up, asking you if you wish to create a Default-Project. Positive response required.

Once such a Default-Project is saved to your disk, a double click on this project icon will launch BareED with the settings you chose for this purpose.
For example, I have several Default-Projects, for a68k assembler, C/C++, AmigaGuide and so on.
Each Default-Project runs with different settings: My a68k Default-Project uses a fixed width font and a light grey background, whilst the C/C++ Default-Project uses a brown background and a smaller fixed width font and the AmigaGuide Default-Project uses a dark grey background and a proportional font.

I hope I made it clear why I chose Default-Projects instead of one preference file: This approach is more flexible.

Now I hear these clever people saying: Change the layout basing upon file's extension. No, I will not, because it is not Amiga alike - although sometimes useful. The Amiga only makes rarely use of file extensions, like .icon. An ASCII text file, and nothing else can be edited with BareED, may have different extensions but still it is a plain text file.
BareED, like other text editors too, determines the file type by examining the contents of the file - and not relying upon the file's extension - which can lead to wired things - see Linux and Windows.

Why I wrote this all?
Because I don't want to be confronted again and again with the same questions. Please note that BareED is non-commercial and as such a little bit more restricted than a commercial product because the person behind it only has its own ideas in mind.
With the progress in development things currently not being implemented will be added in the future.

But, if BareED already suits your needs, I'm happy.